Endurance and Resilience to Cyber and EMP Attacks


Active Cyber Defense

AcquSight combines binary cyber hardening with software defined perimeters, artificial intelligence, automated orchestration, and restoration for a self-healing cyber defense.


The "cranking path" is the path from power generation to the end use equipment. To increase endurance and resilience to cyber, physical, and EMP attacks, AcquSight designs EMP-shielded, cyber-hardened microgrids to bring the cranking path inside the protected perimeter.

High Performance Edge Computing

For resilience, we provide containerized solutions for fully optical edge computing using servers from a Secure Supply Chain. Our solutions achieve a 10:1 size, weight , power, and cooling reduction. 

Advanced Shielding Solutions

EMP shielding solutions can be based on nickel coated carbon fiber, CNTs, shielding concrete, 2-D enhanced polymers, and seam-welded metal containers.

Resilient Telecommunication Solutions

By understanding your data and application requirements and your site locations, AcquSight can design telecom solutions utilizing EMP-shielded fiber, satellite, 5G, and microwave paths to improve your network resilience.


Disasters most affect the unprepared.  We can provide  the training and solutions to reduce your attack surface and build resilience to cyber, physical, and EMP attacks.